Why the ADA Seal of Acceptance is More Important than Your Toothpaste’s Brand

Why the ADA Seal of Acceptance is More Important than Your Toothpaste’s Brand

why the ADA seal of acceptance is more important than toothpaste brand

When you see new dental products by popular or widely known brands like Crest or Colgate, you may assume these products are perfectly fine to use because they’re made by companies you trust. However, a product made by a trusted company doesn’t always get the ADA Seal of Acceptance. For instance, Crest Pro-Health and Crest Tartar Protection toothpastes are ADA-accepted products with the ADA Seal of Acceptance on their packaging. However, other Crest products including their new Gum Detoxify toothpaste have not yet been approved by the ADA. (image of Crest products with seal and without)

What is the ADA and why does their seal matter when it comes to shopping for dental products? ADA stands for American Dental Association and products containing the ADA Seal of Acceptance means those products and their ingredients have been tried and tested by the ADA and approved for the product’s promoted use. For your own protection and dental health, we and other dental experts recommend only using products containing the ADA seal. 

The ADA has made it easier to find products with their Seal of Acceptance by providing a comprehensive list of approved dental products on their website, which you can find here. We highly recommend reviewing this list before shopping for your next toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth rinse or any other at-home dental product you or your family needs. 

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