If you suffer from any of these symptoms, and find that the pain and discomfort is interfering with your life and happiness, we have new ways to help, usually without drugs or surgery.

The Mysterious Joint
The Mysterious Disorder

Many headache or facial pain sufferers are on a medical merry-go-round in their quest for pain relief. Symptoms of TMJ/TMD and associated craniofacial pain can disguise itself as many other conditions. Your “incurable” headache, ear or facial pain could be generated by your jaw joints, bite and associated musculature in spasm.



It is estimated that 1 in every 3 people suffer from one or more of these TMJ symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Earaches, congestion or ringing ears
  • Clicking, popping or grating sound in the jaw joints
  • Limited jaw opening or locking
  • Pain when chewing
  • Facial pain
  • Neck and/or throat pain
  • Difficulty in closing the teeth together
  • Tired jaws
  • Even swallowing difficulty and snoring can be related to TMJ disorders.
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