The Truth About Medication and Dental Problems in Older Adults

The Truth About Medication and Dental Problems in Older Adults

truth about medication and dental problems in older adults

Cavities are often thought of as a dental condition associated with children who eat too many sweets. However, much like the acne we experienced as teens often returns in our 30’s, the development of tooth decay becomes more likely in adults age 60 or older. But, why? The answer may surprise you.


Dry mouth is one of the most common conditions associated with tooth decay in adults over 60, though dry mouth is not actually considered a routine part of aging. However, dry mouth is a side effect in more than 500 medications, many of which treat conditions experienced by aging adults such as high cholesterol and hypertension. To learn more about the link between common adult medications and tooth decay, check out this article by the American Dental Association.


If you are experiencing dry mouth as a side effect of doctor-prescribed medication, telling your dentist about your symptom and the medicines behind it is crucial to preventing or reducing the risk of developing cavities. The dental professionals at Renew Dental can assess your medications and provide relief from side effects like dry mouth that could lead to dental problems. Schedule an appointment with Renew Dental today!

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