The Snooze Button Connection

The Snooze Button Connection

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With a new year comes new resolutions for a healthier you. It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep does wonders for your mind and body which is why living a healthier lifestyle includes practicing better sleeping habits.

One quick, simple way to get on the journey to better sleep is to kick your snooze button habit. Hitting the snooze button does nothing but disrupt your current sleep stage and fragment your sleep. As renowned sleep physician Dr. Robert Rosenberg explains in an article originally featured with Everyday Health, fragmented sleep is in many ways worse than getting no sleep at all. Read more of Dr. Rosenberg’s article featured on Everyday Health and Huffington Post here.

Your sleep affects your overall and oral health. With our sleep dentistry program, we can help you change poor habits affecting your sleep and get you on the road to a great night’s sleep. Learn more by requesting an appointment with Renew today!

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