Nutrition and Dental Health

Nutrition and Dental Health

If good dental health is important to you then you probably know that brushing twice a day and flossing daily along with visiting your dentist regularly for checkups are some of the most important steps to keep your mouth healthy. But did you also know that what you eat is just as important as good oral hygiene practice? Here’s why.

The foods you put in your mouth affect your mouth health.

What you eat is important in every way, from the form of the food (liquid, solid, stickiness, solubility, etc.) to the nutritional makeup of your food. Even factors like when you eat and the order in which you eat certain foods can impact your dental health.

Generally, dentists advise their patients to stay away from or strictly limit foods that are sugary, sticky and loaded with carbs. In other words, junk food isn’t just bad for your physical health but your oral health as well. Likewise, good food choices like fruits and veggies, dairy and lean proteins can help promote good dental health. Fruits and veggies are high in water and fiber which help clean the teeth and balance the sugars contained in produce. But be careful of eating too many citrus fruits and veggies that contain high acidity. Many healthy food choices also contain important nutrients that promote good dental health like vitamins A and C.

Snacking can increase your risk of tooth decay.

Grazing is for farm animals, not for humans. For your best dental health, we recommend limiting eating and drinking for mealtimes only. One reason snacking can be tough on your teeth is the food choices. Snackers are much more likely to grab something sugary like a candy bar or crunchy and loaded with carbs like chips than they are to reach for a healthy option. If a daily snack is a must for you, make sure you’re opting for smart choices like an apple or carrot sticks.

Back up the practices you use to maintain your oral health with good nutrition. For more information, tips and mouth healthy recipes, check out our Nutrition and Dental Health page.

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