Malocclusion and How to Treat It

Malocclusion and How to Treat It

malocclusion, bad bite, renew dental, children's dentistry, pediatric dentistry, dental problemsMalocclusion is the technical term for a bad bite, which means your upper and lower teeth are misaligned. Most cases of malocclusion are hereditary while other instances are caused by poor habits such as thumbsucking.


If left untreated, a bad bite can lead to a number of dental issues, including gum disease and tooth decay, as well jaw problems and difficulties in speaking and chewing. The enamel of your teeth may also wear down at a more progressive rate than those with a normal bite. You can learn more about the causes and symptoms of malocclusion here.


Malocclusion is detected at varying ages in children. The sooner malocclusion is discovered, the sooner treatment can begin, which is another reason to bring your children in for regularly scheduled dental checkups as soon as their first teeth begin to erupt. Screening for signs of malocclusion is a standard part of routine checkups in both pediatric and adult patients at Renew Dental.


Malocclusion is typically treated with orthodontia and other cosmetic dentistry services. We offer a variety of treatment choices for malocclusion in patients of all ages, including traditional braces and a number of aligner systems options. Before deciding on a treatment, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your options to determine the best course of action.


We offer a comfortable, friendly environment that’s inviting to the whole family and we encourage you to bring your children in for their next checkup. Click here to request to schedule your child’s appointment. 

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