Is Sparkling Water Bad for your Teeth?

Is Sparkling Water Bad for your Teeth?

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We know water is the most mouth healthy drink in the world. But what about sparkling water? After all, sparkling water is just water but some worry the carbonation could have harmful effects. In today’s blog, we’re solving this much debated mystery.


A Healthline article concerning sparkling water and its effects on health suggests little study has been conducted on how this beverage affects dental health. The few studies that have been conducted suggest it is not carbonation in sparkling water that can affect the enamel of teeth, but rather the sugar added to some brands of sparkling water. Plain sparkling water appears to be of little to no risk to dental health.


To be sure, plain water is always best for your dental health. However, unsweetened sparkling water is a great alternative to harmful sugary beverages like soda and juice. For more information on sparkling water and the effects on dental health and other areas of help, check out this article from MouthHealthy.


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