How to Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids

How to Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Kids

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As parents, we know how important practicing good dental habits is to maintaining great dental health, like brushing our teeth twice a day. Convincing our kids of this idea, however, can be a battle. Luckily, you can make brushing teeth more fun for your kids.

Make Brushing Teeth an Event

Don’t just set a timer and supervise while your kids brush, instead join in the process! Make a “brush time playlist” with your kids’ favorite two-minute length songs and pick a different song each time to dance along to while you all brush your teeth (check out this playlist recommended by the ADA). Just be sure you’re all following dentist recommended techniques to clean each tooth while you boogie. You can also try out toothbrushing apps like the Disney Magic Timer app created by Oral B, or a similar app featuring your child’s favorite characters.

Stick to your Routine, No Matter What

During summer time, school breaks or hectic days, letting your kids slide on the second brush of the day can be all too tempting. Don’t do it! Make your children’s twice daily brushing routine second nature by sticking to the schedule even when there are changes in the rest of their daily routine, like being out of school for the summer.

Let their Favorite Characters Provide Encouragement

Most favorite children’s characters like the Sesame Street gang feature stories about brushing teeth. Cherry pick tv episodes featuring tooth brushing time or find books featuring your children’s favorite characters engaging in good dental habits.

Allow your Child to Pick Their Own Toothbrush

Much like adults are when it comes to certain purchases, children are enticed by products that are aesthetically appealing, usually because they feature favorite characters or colors. Take your child with you to pick out new toothbrushes and allow them to make the final decision. Just make sure the toothbrush is designed for their age and has the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance.

For more information on how to make brushing teeth more fun for your kids, check out this great article by the American Dental Association. If it’s time for your children to visit the dentist for their annual checkup and cleaning, request an appointment with Renew Dental today.

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