Headache Pain Relief

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Headache Pain Relief

Headaches are the second most common reason for patients to visit a doctor and the number one reason for visits to a neurologist. New neurological research shows that 80% of headaches are tension headaches caused by muscles and nerves in the neck, head and jaws. Even the most common forms of migraine headaches are caused by these same muscles and nerves. Less than 1% of headaches are caused by tumors, and other pathology inside your skull.

Getting relief from chronic headaches requires getting at the real cause of your pain. Just taking ever stronger pain medications is not a good long term answer. Dr. George Marquis can thoroughly examine your jaw and neck muscles, jaw joints, and bite using modern ultrasound and neuromuscular technology to determine if they are the cause of your headaches.

If your headaches are caused by muscle spasms, jaw joint problems, or bite imbalance.

If you are ready to get rid of your chronic tension headaches, call our office today for your appointment, and take the first step towards a headache free life.

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