Frequently Asked Questions

Do you treat children?

Yes! We encourage parents to bring their children to the dentist for their first visit around their first birthday unless they have problems earlier. Parents are always welcomed in our exam room!

I wake up all the time with a sore jaw, and I have no idea why. Can you help me?

Aches in your TMJ (short for temporomandibular joints) can signify a significantly damaging problem. These delicate joints hinge the lower jaw to the skull, and they are very susceptible to pain caused from strain or extended use. Many people grind their teeth during sleep and have no idea! TMJ therapy from Dr. Bryson can help prevent wear and tear from this clenching. Call us today to schedule your appointment for TMJ therapy.

I never seem to feel fully rested no matter how long I sleep. Is sleep apnea therapy for me?

We’ll have to thoroughly evaluate you for sleep apnea and may even need to consult an outside specialist for a complete diagnosis. If it’s determined that you are affected by sleep apnea, then we can plan your treatment. We can fit you for a snore guard to keep your palate and soft tissues in their proper place. Don’t wait to feel fully rested; contact us today to schedule your exam.

What’s the best way for me to replace my teeth?

We need to know more about the structure and problems that your mouth is currently experiencing. Because no two smiles are the same, we have to customize your treatment for the best possible result. Once we have learned more about the intricate details of your teeth and gums, we will be able to proceed with planning your restorative therapy.

What payment options do you accept?

We are happy to accept payments in cash, personal checks, and major credit cards. We also work with CareCredit, for your convenience. Should you have a question about our payment methods, please contact us prior to your appointment so that we can respond to your questions in advance.

Where are you located?

Renew Dental is located at 1013 W Jackson St., Tupelo, MS 38804. If you need driving directions, feel free to call us today. We’ll be happy to help you.

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