Dental Hygiene and Orthodontic Success


Getting braces is exciting! You know that by the end of your treatment you’ll have the smile you’ve always wanted…at least that’s the goal. But if you’re not taking care of your teeth properly while you have braces, you could be in for a (costly) surprise when your braces are removed.

Braces should have a positive impact on your smile and self-confidence but that impact can be diminished by tooth decay. One of the few downsides to having braces is the susceptibility to cavities because food can easily become trapped between the brackets and your teeth which creates the perfect environment for cavity-causing bacteria to flourish. The good news is, tooth decay can easily be prevented with proper oral hygiene. Read on for tips.

  • Rinse and brush 3-4 times a day or after every meal. Rinse first to loosen food particles trapped between braces and teeth and then brush carefully.
  • Floss once a day. If you have a young child with braces its important to help them floss each day to ensure the teeth and gums are properly cleaned. If possible, use a water floss.
  • Send a travel toothbrush and paste with your child to school and other places away from home to help them stay in the habit of brushing after meals or snacks.
  • Get a professional dental cleaning every six months. Not only will your hygienist remove any tartar or plaque hiding between your braces and teeth, but they’ll also offer tips and tools to help you keep your smile healthy. (Lucky for you, if you choose Renew Dental for your braces, you can schedule your dental cleaning in the same office as your orthodontic check-ups.)
  • Always check yourself and teach your children to check themselves in a mirror after brushing and rinsing to ensure nothing is missed.

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