10 Celebrities Before, During and After Braces

10 Celebrities Before, During and After Braces

Celebrities are known for having a lot of things–talent, fame, and fortune, just to name a few. Another commonality among celebrities? Straight, bright and beautiful smiles. Though it seems like celebrities are otherworldly creatures who have everything just right, the truth is they are human just like the rest of us and many obtained those perfect smiles with a lot of help from their dentists. Take a look at these famous faces before, during and after braces!

Cindy Crawford

She may be one of the most beautiful women in the world but before Crawford became a supermodel, she was a young, awkward teen with a mouth full of metal. We’d say those years spent with braces paid off and years later, Cindy opted to be fitted for braces again.

Faye Dunaway

Who says braces are for young adolescents and teenagers? Faye Dunaway proved you can achieve a beautiful smile with braces at any age!

Gwen Stefani

Gwen famously rocked her braces in the late ’90s after her band No Doubt rose to fame following the release of their album Tragic Kingdon and earned Gwen the money to pay for braces and get the smile she’d always wanted.

Faith Hill

Much like Dunaway and Stefani, Mississippi’s own native daughter and famed country singer, Faith Hill opted for braces during adulthood to make her already lovely smile even more beautiful.

Miley Cyrus

Back when Miley was still the lovable Hannah Montana of the Disney Channel, she was fitted for braces to perfect her already bright smile.

Niall Horan

During Niall’s early days in his boy band One Direction, Niall famously sported a set of braces. Then one day, he tweeted to the world that he was off to the dentist to have his braces removed and a few hours later, he shared a before and after photo revealing the effectiveness of proper orthodontic treatment.

Emma Watson

Thanks to the Harry Potter movie franchise, we got to watch Emma blossom from a freckled-faced little girl to a lovely teen and now a stunning, young adult, including the years she wore braces to correct a misaligned smile.

Tom Cruise

When Cruise hit the scene starring in The Outsiders, his smile wasn’t quite up to par with the mega movie star status young Tom would one day achieve. Luckily, with the help of a dentist, Tom was able to develop one of the most famous smiles in history.

Prince Harry

Remember when William was the prince all the girls were fawning over and Harry was the awkward little brother? Little did we know that during those years, Harry and his dentist were conspiring to create a grin that would help him surpass his older brother as the most handsome prince.

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